RavenDB: Database was not shutdown cleanly

Octopus service failed to start after windows server was updated. Error from logs:

System.InvalidOperationException: Could not open transactional storage: C:\Octopus\RavenDB\Data —> Microsoft.Isam.Esent.Interop.EsentDatabaseDirtyShutdownException: Database was not shutdown cleanly. Recovery must first be run to properly complete database operations for the previous shutdown.

I suppose we should run “Repair RavenDB storage” in Octopus manager. But before proceeding we need octopus backup and master key. There is a problem with backup because the latest backup was done in September 2018. What’s the best way to fix the problem? Just run repair?

Hi Tkachenko_Maxim,

Yes, you just run the Repair RavenDB storage and you should be back up and running again.

Octopus should be running automatic backups every 4 hours, might be worth looking into why this isn’t happening once your up and running again. It could be that it’s been turned off.

Thank you and best regards,

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