Queued Status on all taks

For some reason today Octopus decided to queue every task, currently the diagnosis says
"Outstanding Health tasks were not completed before the next task was due to be scheduled. If this error persists, check the Tasks tab for any running Health tasks, and cancel them manually."
I tried restarting the Octopus services but that doesn’t help. Looked in the forums and saw a bug that was fixed with this issue so I upgraded the server and tentacles (manually) but it still says Queued, Also after the upgrades it still says the tentacles require an upgrade, when I click on “Upgrade all machines” It queues the task. Please let me how I can fix this.

Thank you,

Hi Moody,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the troubles. In 2.0 restarting the service doesn’t change the status of executing or pending tasks.
It sounds like a good restart of all activities is going to be the best strategy. Beware when using this, it ends all running tasks and stops any queued tasks. It’s a hard reset.

cd \Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Octopus
octopus.server service --stop
octopus.server reset-activities
octopus.server service --start

It should you back to a fresh start. If it happens again, finding the active tasks and cancelling them should be enough to get you back up and running.
Let me know how that goes.


Sorry for the late response, I did try this but my tasks still remain on a queued state… :frowning:

It seems I’m getting exceptions from Raven DB please see log file.

RavenDB.txt (840 KB)

It’s me again… after I sent the DB logs I realize could repair it through The octopus Manager… It’s now working fine. Thank you

Hi Moody,

Those Raven errors would definitely explain the issue you were having. Glad to see its all resolved.
In 3.0 we are moving away from Raven, so at this time we won’t worry about looking into what could have caused it (corrupt indexes do just happen!).