Questions on using variable

Our packages contain multiple config files, and each config file may have multiple instances of the same key/name (i.e. they are not unique) which may have different values, how can Octopus tentacle handle the cases?

I am thinking that Octopus could make the variables more defined (say including config file name it exists, and even node path in the config file), it should be doable with XML APIs (DOM?).

Another option which could be useful is to allow Octopus to replace whole section of a config item (again defined with config file name and node path in the file).

I am new to Octopus so there might be already existing solutions, and if so please point me to.


Hi Pbsd,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Unfortunately no, there is no way for Octopus to handle this.
You would have to write a custom PowerShell to use in your deployment process which will do the replacements for each needed.
Here’s a bit of information about using PowerShell with Octopus if you haven’t stumbled on to it yet.