Questions on LTS Releases

Hi Support,

For our next upgrade (we are on v2018.4.7), we want to be prepared on recent changes:

• Between v2018.10 and v2018.11, what changed? Were the Azure SDK pieces (CLA, Power Module) updated? Or were you reacting to something broken?
• Regarding LTS releases, does the oldest one fall off at the back? For example, is 2018.10.2 LTS going to fall off in 3 months when the newest LTS release is pushed? Or after the six months?

Also, in v2018.5, the below was stated:

These upgrades have also forced the minimum supported environment for Octopus Server to Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 and PowerShell 5.0 so you’ll need to plan your upgrade accordingly.

•What about all our other servers with tentacles installed? Do they need the above mentioned versions installed? or is this just the Octopus server itself?

Thank you,


Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll answer your questions in order below.

You can find out the full list of changes from Octopus 2018.10.2 and 2018.11.0 here. We did upgrade all of the underlying cloud dependancies between these two versions, however there was no specific bug that we were resolving it was just to keep us as close to up-to-date as we could.

With our LTS cadence, each LTS release is supported for 6 months. So over time that will mean we have two active LTS releases at any given time as they are released on a 3 month cadence, with the oldest one falling out of support at the end of 6 months (or when there are two newer LTS releases).

Regarding the .NET and Powershell upgrades, that is indeed only required on the server hosting Octopus Server and is not a requirement for any of the machines running Tentacle.

If you have any other questions please let me know,


Thank you Alex. The reason we asked about version 10 to 11 is because 10.2 is the LTS supported version, and we were just trying to understand if 11 contained updates that we’re breaking things.

Also, one additional question, what support is available for non-LTS versions going forward?

Hi Alex,

Fastlane releases are supported as they always have been, namely that we will assist in usage for any version and if there are any bug fixes required they will be applied against the latest release, and are included amongst new feature releases.

Hope that makes sense,


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