Question regarding service account and API keys


How to obtain an API key for service account, if service account by definition doesn’t have access to web portal - (according to doc portal access is required to generate API key.)

What we currently do is that we (administrators) create the service accounts and generate API keys for our users. Is this the only way of doing it?

from vendors documentation:

  1. "Service accounts are API-only accounts that can be assigned permissions in the same way you do for normal user accounts, but are prevented from using the Octopus web portal."

  1. " You can create API keys by performing the following steps:
    From the Octopus Deploy web portal, sign in, and view your profile:


Thanks for getting in touch! I believe the way you are currently doing this is only way to do this. The API key can be generated by the the account being logged in, or in the case of service accounts as you mention, an administrator is required to generate the API key.

Do you have any thoughts, or questions about this? Feel free to let me know, I am happy to answer any questions and pass on any thoughts to the team. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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