Querying external feed does not return list of packages

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the api/feeds/{feed-id}/packages endpoint, where feed-id is the ID of an external feed, but when I query that endpoint, I do not get the expected list of packages, but instead I get an empty array (eg. []) in response.

However, if I query for a specific package by id (eg. api/feeds/{feed-id}/packages?packageId={package-id}), I get a response that includes all of the packages expected information. Am I incorrect in my expectation that the first URL above should return a list of all packages for the given external feed?

Hi Morgan,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry that we haven’t made this process clear enough.

api/feeds/{feed-id}/packages is a package search endpoint, so as we haven’t provided any search terms to the endpoint it is returning an empty array. We don’t have a clean way of requesting all packages (i.e. no /all option), but what we can do is a partial search on “” which would match to all packages. This would look like the following:


I hope that this all makes sense, let me know if you have any other questions.



Even if I use ?partialMatch=true as the search parameter, I only get a single package in response. It looks like it’s only return the first one (if it the list were sorted alphabetically by name).