Pushing packages using NuGet.exe to all Spaces (or multiple at once)

Hello - we have TeamCity using its native NuGet repository push since version OD 2.x.

We have recently started playing with Spaces (to test our use case), however, we are struggling to find a way to push using the same native TeamCity functionality into all Spaces.

Can this be accomplished without using OctoPack or Octo.exe? I’ve looked at the built-in “Show examples of how to push packages” help and Pushing Packages to the Built-In Repository, but there are no reference to NuGet push and Spaces.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for contacting us. What you’re describing doesn’t fit with how we envisioned spaces to work. Spaces are like hard walls between organisations. Think separate Octopus servers, without having different installations.

Why would all spaces need the same package? If there’s a shared group or team they might be better off having their own space.

Cam MacFarland

In part, I wanted a “clean slate” (as you said, whole new Octopus instance) to play around with Tenant deployments vs. non-Tenant (which we currently use).

I was thinking that the best way to test them would be to have the same Packages available to do side-by-side testing.

That said, I understand not being able to upload “once” and get the Package into all (or multiple) Spaces. However, how about the ability to specify the target Space when using NuGet.exe?

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