Publishing to internal feed seems slugish

We’ve got a project with 12 artifacts that need to be published to our octopus nuget feed. Unfortunately the publish takes nearly 1 minute per artifact, and being that each artifact isn’t all that large, the whole process seems to be too slow.

Is there anything we can do to increase this performance? Both our TeamCity build server and our Octopus server are on the same network.

[09:40:11]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.App. (51s)
[09:41:03]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.Cleanup. (25s)
[09:41:28]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.CommonDataDb. (15s)
[09:41:44]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.CommonDataService. (16s)
[09:42:00]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.ContractsDb. (16s)
[09:42:17]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.ContractService. (15s)
[09:42:32]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.FlowingGas. (15s)
[09:42:48]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.FlowingGasDb. (15s)
[09:43:04]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.Invoicing. (19s)
[09:43:23]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.InvoicingDb. (14s)
[09:43:38]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.JobSchedulingDb. (14s)
[09:43:53]push: Publish package build-artifacts\publish\TransCanada.GCTS.JobSchedulingService. (16s)


Here’s another example.

We feel that ~6 minutes to upload these artifacts seems a bit much.

I just logged into our Octopus Server during one of our pushes, Seems like Memory Usage spikes pretty high.


Hi Chase,

We’ve done a lot of work in the past few releases to try and reduce CPU and memory usage on the Octopus server. Could you let me know which version of the Octopus server you’re running?


I’ve upgraded the server again to the most recent. Seems performant again. Only time will tell. Thanks.