Publishing Artifacts is taking over 10 mins

I have a website and in TeamCity i have configured only 1 build step of MSBuild with RunOctoPack as true. The build completes in 2 minutes but then publishing artifacts takes more than 10 to 15 minutes. Please suggest what to do so as to improve the performance.


Thanks for reaching out. That “Publishing Artifacts” section is not actually related to Octopack itself. That’s TeamCity trying to publish artifacts to its own repository.

A few things I would check are: Network connectivity between that build Agent and the TC server during the build ; I/O on the build server ; Size of the package (though it should be hundreads of MB big to cause such slowdown).

Besides from that, I’m afraid the troubleshooting has to be done on the TeamCity side and not on the Octopack/Octopus one.


The build package is small and network connectivity is also good. How can I do the troubleshooting within Teamcity to get to the root cause?

Hi Thakur,

Like I mentioned before, that “Publishing Artifacts” really falls under the TeamCity realm of things. Neither Octopus or Octopack are involved at that particular build action.

You might wanna try asking on the TeamCity forum.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Octopus team, just be brave and take the responsibility of fixing the performance and do not blame others for your problems :wink:

@Valentin : Couldn’t find a way to do that. Maybe I’m not reading the right book?

Joke aside - That “Publishing Artifacts” task is something that TeamCity does at the end of builds that generated artifacts. Its basically pushing the nuget package from its TC agent to the TC repo. Hardly something we can do about that :frowning:

Relevant thread in TC forum: