_PublishedWebSites/Content folder in Service Project NuGet Package

We have a solution with a number of web projects, services, and class libraries.

When building the service project with OctoPack.1.0.107, the _PublishedWebSites / Content directories are being added to the NuGet package for the service erroneously along with other dll’s and files.

If I build without OctoPack the _PublishedWebSites / Content directories do not exist and the other dll’s and files also do not exist in the build output directory which is correct.

We are using TFS TeamBuild and this is only occurring when building the solution. See the screenshots from TeamBuild and from LocalBuild below:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting me know, I suspect this will be a limitation of how TFS output paths work, but I’ll try and find a workaround and get back to you.


That sounds good Paul, thanks. We are also investigating a solution as well.

Hi Chris,

If you are still looking into this, I’ve just finished testing an approach that makes some MSBuild changes to achieve separate output directories. Andre has also had success modifying the TFS workflow. Both approaches are documented here:


Hope that helps,