Publish proccess very slowly

I have a problem on octopus server.
We have a project when start project publis it is running very slowly. We are usering apache and nginx server. Copying 53 files and this proccess fnished 35 minute. I check apache server when publis time mono proccess ussing cpu % 100 what should I do?

This process log is attached…

Project_Publish_Time_Problem.txt (9 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch! The slowness is an issue with mono and NuGet which we are hoping they will be able to resolve.
Being that we did not want to fork something that would be fixed later, but also not knowing how long it will be, our resolution is that we are currently working on allowing other forms of zip files such as, well .zip, but also .tgz etc. This will mean that deployments to SSH targets will not have this overhead and issue that is caused by mono and it will make these deployments much faster.

It is currently being developed and scheduled for a 3.3 release which will be in the new year. You can track the issue here:

Hope that helps!


To follow up there is a current workaround. It’s a bit inception like but it gets around the NuGet/Mono bug. You need to put your files into a zip, then put that zip into the NuGet file that Octopus needs. Then in a pre-deploy script unpack the contents. It means NuGet only has to unpack one file and its much faster.


thank you for your replay,

this problem will continue until the new version is correct?
same project publih octopus server to windows IIS server (Windows 2012) about 2 minutes but octopus server to ubuntu (ubuntu 14.2) 30 minutes very long time :frowning:

thanks a lot


Technically the issue will continue until Mono and NuGet figure something out, but we will have a different solution in 3.3.
To be clear the ‘slowness’ is caused by NuGet unpacking all the files. So having a single file in the NuGet package (a zip file) means you get around the NuGet slowness and then just unzip some files which are fast in Mono. This workaround has been found to reduce the deployment time dramatically.

Yeah windows is much faster because it doesn’t need Mono and NuGet in combination.


Good morning

Thank you for your informatin. I fixed this problem team city create file and copy powershell script from octopus server to linux server :slight_smile:


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