Public IP of Octopus server


How do I find the public IP of my Octopus server?

Hi Ash,

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Are you using one of our Cloud instances or is this a self-hosted installation?

If it is our Cloud instance then you can view the assigned IP range by logging in at and navigating to the Control Center via the top-right menu. Then select your instance and head to the Configuration page. The IP range will be listed there.

If this is a self-hosted Octopus server then you may need to speak with your network team to determine the IP address.


Hi Paul. Thanks for the prompt reply. How do I determine if it is cloud or self hosted? (Apologies for the basic questions - complete newbie here!)

If it is self-hosted you would have had to download the octopus .msi and install this on your own hardware, VM etc.

If it is a cloud instance, the URL for the server should be in the format

Thanks. It’s a cloud instance. I’ve followed your instructions, to[xxxxxxx]/cloud-instances but when I click my instance I just get an overview of the instance, with no IP listed. Is this a permissions issue?

Is this the screen that you’re seeing?

If so, do you have the Configuration page on the left?

That is the screen I see, but I don’t have those options on the left.

No problem, it is likely a permission restriction on your access.

If you send me a private message with the instance URL I can check what region it is hosted in and give you the IP range for that region. This will likely be quicker than you having to request access to this page internally.

Thanks - sent :slight_smile:

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