Proxy Expect 100 Issue

I have an issue that our squid proxy doesn’t like contacting the octopus server when trying to setup a new tentacle.

The proxy returns a 417 error

This apparently is due to the octopus server inserting an Expect-100 continue http header

This is explained here

In our case we can adjust the proxy to ignore this error. However there maybe other networks where the proxy will choke on this that we can’t tell to ignore the error. We do have control over the octopus server itself though. So is there anyway to stop the octopus server inserting this header.


Actually just discovered that although altering our proxy did work we then pass on to a second tier proxy that has the same error which we can’t control

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve created a Github issue to see what we can do about the way we insert that into our header. Here’s the link in case you want to follow it up



Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi. This is Justin. I’ve got a new account as can’t find me old ones details. I was just wondering if the above was sorted. Looking at the github issue link it is closed but I can’t see any details on if it is resolved or not.


Hi Justin

Sorry but this is a closed won’t fix.
The best solution is to add exemptions in your proxy.