Provide different credentials for offline package drop


We have isolated Dev and System Test environments, i.e. they reside in different domains/network zones. I have created a working automated deployment process for the former environment, and I am now working on expanding that process so that we are able to deploy to the latter environment using Octopus as well.

The only way to transfer files between the environments is through the use of file shares. Thus, I have set up a share/package drop on the deployment target in the System Test environment, that we can deploy the Octopus package to. However, since the environments resides in different domains/network zones, and thus do not have any “shared” users between the zones, I would need to connect to the package drop using specific credentials. There are no options for specifying a specific user when setting up the offline package drop in Octopus, and I have not been to figure out another way of solving this.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?


Hi Knilsen,

This isn’t something we support. You could drop the packages locally and then trigger some other process to move them.
Ultimately though, we built Tentacles to solve the exact problem you’re trying to solve.



Hi Damian,

OK. Thanks for the information.


We deploy to EC2 hosted sites for our customers, external customer sites, and completely internal hosted sites. On customer networks where we absolutely cannot have connectivity to our OD server, pushing offline releases to a specific server lets us pull packages, as well as other tools, to those customers. The value in this process is that it lets us have the same OD process for all customers, even if the delivery mechanism is different. Its a great feature and we’re very excited about it. (When we talk about provisioning and deploying to these customers we use the ship-in-a-bottle vs

Right now, to do this, we have to run OD as a domain service account and ensure that a share is configured with those same permissions. The value
My feature request would let us run a powershell script as the offline deploy step. That script would have a reference to the offline deploy package (folder or zip) that we could then push around as needed. I’ve attached a mockup of how I see things.

Hi Ritch,

Thank you for your suggestions on improvements that we can do to the offline deployments feature in Octopus!

For feature requests though we do ask that UserVoice is used as that gives a better way to gauge how many customers would benefit by the feature and helps us prioritize our work.

So, could I please ask that you go here and create a new user suggestion about these enhancments.

Thank you and warm regards,