Prompted Variable Sets

I have a small database project that is used to transform data from a transactional SQL database into a format more suitable for PowerBI.

There can be around 50 instances of this project, all deployed to through the same server, with the only real differences being the source & target databases, credentials and another minor setting.

From what I can see I can either:

  • Set up one environment and prompt for each variable for each environment, which can lead to human errors.
  • Set up 50 environments, which are duplicates of each other so that I can automatically set the variables.

Ideally I’d love to prompt for a set of variables, so the user can pick just one and everything else is set automatically. While this could also lead to human errors, I don’t believe it’s any more likely than selecting the wrong environment in the first place.

Is there any way to accomplish this or something similar?


Thanks for getting in touch. From what you’ve described we believe making using of the Tenant feature and Tenant variables will be the better long term outcome since you have 50 cases for different variables.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to Tenants, we have some detailed documentation:

The part that will benefit you the most is the Tenant specific variables:

This way for each of the 50 combinations the set of variables will already be defined, and deployment can just happen.

Let us know how you go, if you hit some specific issues, try out a simple project first with a few test tenants using a script step to just output to the log the variables to make getting across the concept easier.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply - that seems to be exactly what I want!

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