Prompt variable showing in deployment screen when it's not being used during deployment

I have this variable setting:

When I deploy to LIVE-BRE or LIVE-PEG I see the following:

The experience, process and system prompt should not appear based on the variable scope. When I do run the deployment the deployment used the correct scoped variable value.

I’m using v2018-06-15. Can you please review the issue.

Hi Binh,

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Based on the information provided in your query, I’m having difficulty understanding the issue here.

The default value entered into the Value of the Variable will display, otherwise if left blank the Label of the Variable will display.

In regards to scoping, I can’t see that these variables have environment-scoping applied, as a result they will appear during deployment to any environment.

I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood your query, I look forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

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I’m deploying a change to LIVE-PEG.
This will show the prompt, for example version 12.

If I change the value in the prompt to version 13 the deployment does not pick up the Prompt variable value. The prompt that appear in LIVE-PEG deployment is miss leading as the deployment will ignore the prompt variable and use the none prompt value.

Hi Binh,

Thanks for getting back to me regarding, I greatly appreciate your clarification.

The behavior you are experiencing is actually intended and the reason for this is the variable scoped value should take precedence since it’s been predefined, I do understand, however, how this would could lead to some confusion since you’re entering a value that’s not used.

If the value is suspect to change, I’d recommend removing the secondary scoped value and keeping the prompted value at 12 (if this is the standard) and then changing this to 13 as required.

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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