Promotion doesn't retain selected options after latest update


I noticed that clicking the promote button no longer remembers the selections you made, after your latest update. i.e. If I have a release and I uncheck a couple of deployment steps, it used to be that using the promote button would remember that. But after the latest updated, I now have to click “advanced” every time and redo my step selections. I really liked the one click promote functionality that used to be around.


Hi, I second that!
I have recently updated to 2.6.4 (from 2.5.11) and also found that I now have this issue. This is a crucial part of our deployment as we have many steps and we do not want any manual select/deselect routine to suddenly cause errors in production. I hope the octopus team can fix this as soon as possible.

-Gard Ellefsen


Thanks for reaching out and really sorry for the delay. This is a functionality we also like, that’s why we never took it away! I was able to reproduce this bug and I’ve submitted a github issue for it

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for the trouble caused. We’re gonna try to ship the fix with the first releases of 3.0


It seems Paul has dismissed this error
Could it be that he has misunderstood the problem? I’m quite sure that he does not really mean that “This is on purpose now”. For us this might be a showstopper as we do selections of what we deploy at almost every deployment (at least for hotfixes). Doing a manuall selection of what to install for every environment is bound to fail at some point. Hope you are able to re-open the issue.

-Gard Ellefsen

Hi Gard,

I closed it for a couple of reasons:

  1. We collapse the ‘advanced’ section by default, so it would be easy for people to miss if we remember any options
  2. I think it’s fundamentally better if all deployments follow the same process, so we’d like to encourage that

I can see that hotfix deployments might behave differently to ‘full’ deployments though. That’s something that we plan to solve as part of our branching features coming soon. When creating a release, you’ll be able to choose whether it’s a hotfix or a full release, and steps can enable/disable themselves accordingly. I think this concept is closer to matching the kinds of scenarios you’d describing, with less potential for confusion.

If you do need this feature as-is and feel that the change I described won’t help, feel free to open a UserVoice suggestion - we’re trying to make GitHub issues more about “things we’re absolutely committed to do” and less “things we should possibly do”.