Promoting release to live servers

I have installed a tentacle on a machine that is accessed via data-centre. e.g if I have to remotely login to a ‘machine2’ then first I have to login to a ‘machine1’ that is in data-centre using data-centre domain login account and once logged into that 1machine1’ then I can remote desktop to ‘machine2’ using same data-centre domain login account. I have installed tentacle on that ‘machine2’ but that is not accessed directly. Any idea how to solve this issue. How can I promote a release to that server using octopus server.

Install and create a Hamachi VPN group - it will get thru all your firewall issues etc…

So install hamachi on all tentacles and the octopus server, and then setup the machines endpoints using the hamachi IP address.

Is it secure and safe to use Hamachi VPN group. Also How much will it cost.? Do we have any other solution that is free to use.

Hamachi is either free or you can buy a year subscription for about $20 which includes up to 32 machines in a group.

The free one is sometimes slower and if congested, you cannot connect to the network.

I would say it is secure - it is a great product and works a treat for this kind of deployment scenario.

Any other solution will involve setting up your own VPN’s and making sure the servers are always connected etc.

I think Hamachi is a safe bet.

@Paul: Do you have any idea to do this without using any third party tool? please guide