Promoting package to multiple environments

Hi guys,
I’m currently trying to deploy the same package to two separate environments. Both of the environments are located on the same server, but have separate installation locations on the server.
I followed this guide:
I’ve gotten deployments to work towards the first environment/machine (QA), but as the guide doesn’t mention how to set up a single tentacle on two separate machines/environments (but on the same server) I haven’t gotten this up and running yet.

So i guess my question is: How do you connect a machine/environment to a tentacle that already is connected to a different machine in a different environment?


Hi Mathias,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It sounds like you have a Tentacle installed on a machine and would like to use that Tentacle to deploy to two environments?

You can either register a new Tentacle in Octopus for each environment (using the same address/port) or edit the machine in Octopus (from the Environments page) and select multiple environments for that machine.

If you would prefer a different endpoint for each environment, you can configure multiple Tentacle instances on the same machine:
Then you have a Tentacle with one port for QA and another with a different port for Prod. Register both of those Tentacles in Octopus into their respective environments.

Hope this helps, please let me know if anything needs clarification.