Promote and specify the version

Hi Octopus

Is there any way when promoting a release from test to production to specify the release version? We use the Octopus command line and I don’t see this as a parameter.

Our scenario is:

Deploy version v1.0.1 to test
Run tests tests signed off
Agree with business that we will release at some date/time in future

In the mean time DEV continues with further checkin’s, which get auto deployed to test as part of CI. So now imagine test is on v1.0.3

When we come to release to production? Is there any way to promote v1.0.1 to production? I think currently it would promote what ever is on test so v1.0.3 which hasn’t been signed off.

Maybe the answer is we don’t want to promote, we we only want to be able to deploy something that has gone through test. Or do we need another environment like a staging environment?

Help much appreciated


Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out.

Octo.exe Promote-Release currently only allows you to promote the latest release like you already figured out. The truth is that Promote-Release is almost the same as Deploy-Release. So If instead you use Deploy-Release and set the right target environment with --deployto, you can select the release version with the param --Version and It’ll act as a promotion (which is in the end just a deployment).

Let me know if that works for you.


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