ProjectView permissions are not applied when no specific project is given


  • Create a Service User
  • Create a new “Deployer Bot” role
  • Add to the new role - DeploymentCreate, DeploymentView, EnvironmentView, ProjectView, ReleaseCreate, ReleaseView, TaskView
  • Create a new team “Continuous Integration Servers” add the new “Deployer Bot” role on only a “test” environment but not other environments (we actually applied to two test environments), all project groups, don’t specify a project.
  • Test via an api key for the service user if you can GET on
  • Fails with “You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: ProjectView”


  • Not specifying an project should, as documented, should allow all projects to be read

Further Details:

  • Edit the Team and explicitly specify the project that you are requesting
  • Retest and it works

Also If I remove the All Projects from Projects Group it now works as expected


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