Projects disappearing from drop down

I have about 30 projects spread across 5 project groups. The largest project group has 15 projects in it. Every once in awhile I’ll notice that some of the projects in this group stop showing up in the down project list. Right now I have two of them that don’t show up in the drop down but appear just fine on the project page. Any ideas?

Hi James, I think we put a cap on how many projects can appear in this list, so it might be that you’ve reached that limit. On the projects page you can click the star icon to favorite the projects you want to appear in the list instead if that helps.



Selecting the star icon doesn’t seem to help with them disappearing in the drop down list if we select all the projects. It’s also very odd that the ones that disappear seem to be selected randomly. We currently have 22 projects with more to come and the CM team needs to be able to see and access the whole list.