Project setting page shows incorrect project ID

When we go to a project setting page, we receive a message saying that “The resource ‘Projects-637’ was not found.”

However, if we use API to retrieve project info, the ID is ‘Projects-644’. The project was cloned from ‘Projects-637’.

Please see attached screenshots.

We don’t know how the project ID got messed up, and because of this problem, we can no longer access the project setting.

We are in v2018.8.5

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


I found this post:

Is updating SQL database directly still the only solution?



Hi Ge,

Thanks for getting in touch! That does look like the correct issue. It looks like we resolved this in Octopus version 2018.8.6, the next patch version up from the version you have reported using. It would be a good idea to upgrade your Octopus version and see if that resolves this issue.

If the upgrade does not resolve the issue, you will need to run the SQL query.

Let me know how you go here. If you have any questions or run into any issues with this, please do not hesitate to let me know. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Thanks for the clarification!

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Hi Ge,

No worries at all!

Please feel free to get in touch at any time. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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