Project Overview page doesn't display latest release versions

When I go to Projects, select a project, and select Overview, I see a list of releases. Our issue is that the list of releases are skipping releases and we can’t determine why. For example, for one of our projects, We see on the Overview page release 2.70.80994.89, 2.70.80720.88, 2.70.80435.87, 2.70.75467.73. But there were many releases between 2.70.80435.87 and 2.70.75467.73, which we see in the releases page. See the attachment for a visual. image image

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us. The project overview screen doesn’t show all releases based on version or creation date like that. Instead it shows the latest 3 releases, based on how many environments the release has been pushed to, and other factors.

The goal is to try and show the most relevant releases, the releases most likely to be the ones you’re interested in.

Hope that helps.

Hi Cam - Thanks for the feedback. That’s good info to know. In the future, though, it would be nice if we could configure the overview page to just display latest X number of releases instead of whatever logic is being currently used. Thanks!

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