Project Overview Grouping and Sorting


We have recently upgraded from 3.2 to 3.4 and am wondering if there are any options available to customise the Projects Overview page? We create channels to match repository branches and labels, allowing us to introduce new steps, variables, etc. and have them deployed only as part of a release for a matching channel. The introduction of channels was a huge time saver for us, not having to add/remove steps all the time.

As we rely heavily on this feature, we also relied on the overview, which displayed the environments, the channels, and their releases.
Previously they were ordered by the release creation date, allowing us to see the last few releases and their progression through environments, regardless of their channel.

After upgrading it appears that releases are grouped by channel, and the groups are sorted alpha numerically. We have a lot of channels and we are now forced to scroll to the bottom of the page to see our most recent releases. I know there is an option to set a default channel, which forces it to the top of the page, but this does not seem like a viable solution.

I’m sure you had a good reason for changing the overview, but I think you need to consider options to group and sort this page. One way to accomplish this might be to add sorting to the channels themselves, similar to environments.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out and for the positive feedback.

That project Overview page is a tricky one, in a sense that there are lots of opinions on what and should be presented on it and how. The last time we did some changes on that page was in 3.4 when we introduced Multi-Tenancy. So you are already using the latest version of that Overview dashboard at least.

I think the idea of allowing the user to sort the Channels in a custom way makes sense. Would you mind submitting it in uservoice so other users can vote for it? If it gets enough love from the community, I don’t see why we couldn’t implement it.


Thanks Dalmiro,

I have submitted this to the uservoice: