Project Groups and Permissions

When cnfiguring a team of users, I’d like to be able to assign permissions to project groups, rather than to individual projects. I’m running and I can’t do this. I’m a bit confused about whether this should or should not be possible.

The current documentation ( says that permissions can be restricted to project groups. This documentation is clearly out of date, because it also references controlling deploy environments and retention policies, which are no managed in lifecycles.

This forum post reports this issue, and the response seems to to suggest that permissions can be scoped to project groups.

This post suggests that this a feature that was being worked on, but has now been been knocked back to user voice (

SHould I be able to use project groups for permissions, or not?


Thanks for getting in touch. As of 2.6 project groups no longer take part on any permission-related aspect. That is slightly mentioned on the documentation you linked

In 2.6+ [Lifecycles]( now determine your retention policies and the environments a project can deploy to. So those aspects of this interface have been removed from Project Groups.

These permissions are gonna have to be set by project from now on. Sorry its not what you expected :frowning:



Hi Dalmiro,

Is this still the case in Otopus deploy?

Is there any future plans to bring back permissions based on project groups?



Hi Adam,

We added back the support for scoping permissions to Project Groups last week actually :slight_smile:

Its available since version 3.6.1:


Sorry for the incredibly late response but i’d just like to thank you for getting back to me @Dalmiro. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated,