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A while ago I added azure pipeline release badges to my project description markdown. After disabling the CSP they worked fine. I am led to believe that we were previously running 2019.3.3 LTS
We’ve just updated to 2019.6.3 LTS and now the badges are shown on the page as html, rather than being displayed as images.

for example, the markdown syntax
[![Build Status]($/)]($/)

would render a link to the expected page, but the image part is encoded, rather than plain HTML
<img src="$/" alt="Build Status<em style="margin-left:0.250rem" class="fa fa-external-link" aria-hidden="true"></em></a><span>" />

I’ve looked around to try to find a setting to stop encoding the HTML, but I can’t find anything. Have I missed something?


Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you here. The reason being I brought this up with my team and we had a good long look into what could potentially be causing this.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to replicate this behavior, nor can we see any explanation as to why you’re experiencing this. The version you’re on now definitely doesn’t HTML encode images, and CSP blocking stuff doesn’t impact our parsing libraries. We’re currently at a loss as to how this would happen. There’s still some talk happening and I’ll reach out if we find any explanation to this.

I’m very sorry it’s not the news you were after! I’d also be very keen to hear any updates from your end.

Best regards,


Hi Kenny,

Thanks for getting back to me. We did some digging on our end, and it appears to be something to do with the image alt-text and linking. Removing the alt-text and making it not a link allows the image to show correctly. Adding either the alt text or a link breaks the display completely.

We can place the link next to the image, so this will work for us for now. I’m happy to call this issue closed, but it this finding helps your team work out exactly what’s going on, then that would be pretty good. I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the external link icon that’s started showing up, if that’s interfering with the other parsing. See attached, the icon next to the Trunk label.




Thanks again.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for keeping in touch, and that’s great to hear you’ve made some progress here. I’ll certainly reach out again if we find out anything else, are able to replicate this, or if we get any other reports to help us narrow down what’s going on.

Best regards,


Hi I am experiencing the same problem with AWS CodeBuild badges wth 2019.3.5 LTS.

The AWS CodeBuild badges won’t render in the Project Description. OD seems to be treating them as links instead of image. It displays the ‘!’ instead of using that to indicate it is a markdown image.

Project Description

![CodeBuild Badge](


If I follow the link the badge displays fine.


The workaround @Ian.Tucker used doesn’t quite work for me. A blank ALT text does get OD to treat it as image and not a link, but the image doesn’t display for some (other) reason.


@Kenneth_Bates could OD please do some testing with build badges from different services to ensure the markdown renders correctly.

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