Project based mail sending problem

We’re running Octopus version 3.2.19 and having problems while try to send e-mail after deployment and this error occurs for one project only. The other projects perfom well and send e-mails.

You can find the error below;

Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.64 TenantAttribution; Relay Access Denied


Hi Suha,

Thanks for getting in touch! As you have projects that can send emails it shows that the SMTP connection Octopus is using is working. If there is an error like you are seeing it would come down to the email address and server you are trying to send to.
‘Relay access denied’ is generally an error from the recieving mail server saying it isn’t authenticated with the sending mail server. As Octopus uses an SMTP it means the SMTP cannot send to the email address you are using.

You should be able to troubleshoot by checking the headers are what the receiving mailserver is expecting.

Let me know how you go.