Producer / Consumer project deployment


I have a web application that exposes an api that delegates processing of requests to a backend processor (console app). Whats the recommended way to deploy those? I really don’t want to setup two different projects as I have 4-5 of those and don’t wan’t to end up paying loads but at the same time I don’t want to have to deploy both producer and consumer at the same time if just one has changed. any ideas?

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If you are running 3.2 then you can use channels to make this possible.

You can create a project which has steps to deploy both the web app and the backend processor app that are each scoped to a channel. Then you can create 3 channels on your project, 1 channel to deploy both apps together, and 2 channels to deploy the individual apps by themselves (i.e. you create the following channels Full, Api, Backend processor), and when you create your release, you then pick which channel you want to deploy.

If you are running a version pre-3.2 then it’s going to be a bit more work.

You could have the same project setup as above (except no scoping to channels) and then when you go to deploy your project, you can choose to skip the step(s) you don’t want to run in the deployment.

Hope that helps!

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