Processing Artifacts into source control


I have a project with a step that hits multiple servers in parallel and pulls back an artifact from each. This is working well.

I’m now wanting to add an additional process that runs after this one completes that commits all the artifacts gathered to source control.

We have Octopus 3.3.6 so I was hoping to run a step on the Octopus Server (which has access to source control) to gather all the artifacts and commit them. However, I can’t seem to see a way to get a reference to the artifacts from within this script step.

I see there is a way using the API but I’d have to try and narrow down the artifacts provided by /api/artifacts to only be the ones related to the current deployment, parse out the IDs and then request each one via the API.

Is there a simpler way?



Hi Ed,

You can pass the release id to the Artifacts API endpoint in a querystring param named regarding, we have a script that we created for another customer for this purpose, You should be able to use that to download the artifacts as required.

I hope that helps,

Thank you and best regards,

Thanks :slight_smile: