Procedure to install Windows OS patches on Octopus Deploy Server

Hi Guys,

Is there a documented procedure to install Windows OS patches on Octopus Deploy server. I am after details like:

Before patching:

  1. Take File-system backup.
  2. Take DB backup.
  3. Stop OD service.

After Patching:

  1. Start OD service.

Rollback procedure:

  1. Stop OD service.
  2. Restore DB backup.
  3. Restore File system backup.
  4. Start OD service.

Any info regarding this would be appreciated.
We are using Octopus 3.3.12


Hi Arun,

Thanks for getting in touch! Typically when patching the Windows OS you shouldn’t do anything special for Octopus Server at all. The process I would recommend is:

  1. Schedule a maintenance window with the teams using Octopus
  2. Go to Configuration > Maintenance and enable Maintenance Mode
  3. Wait for any remaining Octopus Tasks to complete by watching the Configuration > Nodes page
  4. Stop the Octopus Server windows service
  5. Snapshot the disk just in case you need to restore the system to its last known good state
  6. Apply patches and reboot as required
  7. Start the Octopus Server windows service
  8. Exit Maintenance Mode

If anything goes wrong you should restore the system disk to the state just prior to applying patches and start Octopus Server again. You shouldn’t need to take a backup of the Octopus SQL Database, and you shouldn’t restore a backup of the Octopus SQL Database if a Windows OS patch causes any problems.

Hope that helps!

Hi Michael,

Perfect!!! This exactly what we were looking for.

Thank you.
Appreciate your help mate. :slight_smile:

Arun Ramachandra


Hi Arun,

Glad it helped! I’ve put this information in a page for yourself and others who come across the same problem:

Hope that helps!

Sure Michael.

Thank you again.