Problems with multiple deployments at same time

Hi guys,

Got a little issue with a project I am working on.
Basically I need to run multiple deployments of a script on a Worker, but it will only run one at a time.
This is in short the process:

  1. Get some information from another system
  2. Create a new Octopus release (Customer 1)
  3. Start publish of that release (Customer 1)
  4. Create another Octopus release (Customer 2)
  5. Start publish of that release (Customer 2)

Step 5 ends up waiting behind step 3 :frowning:

Problem is that the code will start up an Azure VM and that takes a little time to do.

Running 2020.1.17

Best regards

Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the Octopus boards!

You have a couple of options to go about this with your current setup.

The first option would be to utilize Parent and Child steps. The layout would be as follows:

  1. Regular Step
  2. Parent Step (create release)
    2.1 Child Step (publish release)
  3. Parent Step (create release)
    3.1 Child Step (publish release)

You would then run Steps 2 and 3 in parallel, which will allow the child steps to proceed without waiting on the other nested steps.

The second option would be to re-order your steps so that it is:

  1. Get some info
  2. Create release for Cust 1
  3. Create release for Cust 2
  4. Publish release for Cust 1
  5. Publish release for Cust 2

and run steps 4 and 5 in parallel.

Iā€™m not sure exactly what your deployment process is and how often you work with multiple customers, but have you considered using Tenants?

Please let me know if any of the above will work for you or if you need further help.

I would be happy to look at your deployment.json as well if you would like. To get that, go to the Project, then the process section, then click the 3 dots to the right of add step and click download JSON. If you want me to take a look you can either attach it here or direct message it to me.


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