Problems deploying to multiple websites on same machine

I am trying to deploy the same website code to 2 different websites on my testing environment.

We’ll called it Web1 and Portal1

Web1 has ConnectionString1
Portal1 has ConnectionString2

I have created 1 environment called testing which has 2 machines both pointed to same server, but each machine has a different role (con1, con2)

My deployment steps is a single Nuget Install with WebsiteName and WebsiteHostname variables

Web1 has these variable settings
WebsiteName: Web1
WebsiteHostname: web1

Portal1 has these variable settings
WebsiteName: Portal1
WebsiteHostname: portal1

Both share the same connection string but I also have a variable used in the connection string called

DatabaseName is entered in twice with different values but each has a different role (con1, con2)

Everything should work properly as I’m expecting, when I run the deployment… I get an error…

Pre-deployment validation failed, the following machines in the target environment are duplicates: (Web1, Portal1).

However, I can deploy them separately and it works fine… I’m not too sure how I can accomplish getting both website to deploy, will be a pain having to deploy twice to the same environment

Hi Lee,

Thanks for getting in touch! Are the machines using the same Tentacle install? (IE. thumbprint and SQUID ?)
If the answer is yes, then this is the error you will receive. If you want to deploy to the same machine twice, you need to have separate installs of tentacle and register the machines individually that way.

Hope that helps!

You are good,

I did not even know you could do that, note to self, read documentation.
Thanks a bunch, worked like a charm.