Problem with the permission BuiltInFeedDownload

Our developers need to download nuget packages from within Octopus Deploy (They go to the package and click the Download button). And we have created a Role to handle that permission with the “BuiltinFeedDownload” checked. But the developers get the following error:

“ErrorMessage”: “You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: AdministerSystem”

Octopus Deploy

Hi Agr,

Thanks for getting in touch! We were able to reproduce the issue. I’ve submitted the following issue for tracking:



Is there any update on this item, other than the error message has changed slightly? :slight_smile: I don’t want to give users access to configure the system just to allow them to view the nuget package that our build system created for the project. And it seems that the particular role (BuiltinFeedDownload) listed SHOULD be the only thing needed to give them that particular feature.

Ours work after upgrading to the latest version

Anders Gregersen


As Anders has pointed out, this was part of the 2.6 build and is now working.


Interesting. I’m on Octopus Deploy (which I think is the most recent), but the developer I’m working with still sees the attached.

Currently I have the group he’s part (actually its a role added to “Everyone”) of with BuiltInFeedDownload Checked. And then every role other then Team and User that contains the word “View” in it Checked. Nothing else.


The original bug was just clicking on the download link. This is what permissions should a user who can see the package page.
I have created a GitHub issue for this to at least be discussed which you can track here


Hi All,

This has been fixed as part of 2.6.1 which was released today. To view the retention policy details on the packages page you will need to have admin permissions, otherwise it will be hidden.