Problem with internal NuGet repository

Hi, we are in the processing of switching over all of our projects from using an external NuGet repository (using the Klondike Lucene engine) to the new internal repository in Octopus, to take advantage of the package retention features and just to avoid a dependency that we no longer need.

I’m seeing some really strange behavior though that I wanted to report. The repository status shows that we have 865 packages stored, yet I can only page through two pages of packages. Plus, when I click on the Page 2 or next page link, what I see is all of the available versions of the first two packages listed on the first page (first alphabetically). If I then try and go back to Page 1 I just see another list of all of the versions of those first two packages. Very odd.

Using the Filter to find a package that I know exists but isn’t listed on that single page of results I am able to see seems to work ok and it does return the package. But the paging seems all messed up.

This isn’t a critical issue for us as don’t typically need to browse through the packages, and since the Filter still works when we need to verify that a package made it into the repo, but I would still like to see it resolved.

I’ve included several screen shots showing the behavior and tried to name them so that they were pretty self explanatory, but please let me know if any further details would be helpful.

Scott LeWarne


Hi Scott,

Thanks for reporting this and i’m sorry it’s causing you grief. I have create a GitHub issue to sort it out which you can track here:

The detail you have provided is excellent and should help wrap this up.