Problem with deploying to Azure Service Fabric Cluster

I am trying to deploy a project to a Service Fabric Cluster hostet on Azure. I have connection with certificates (I have fixed previous errors with connection problems, so I don’t think connection is a problem at this stage). my problem is now that I get the error: “Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘PublishProfileFile’. The “Test-Path $_ -PathType Leaf” validation script for the argument with value “PublishProfiles\Cloud.xml” did not return a result of True” (see picture). I have tried to change the xml file in any way I could think of trying, but still no luck. I have postet a picture of my Cloud.xml file too, where the endpoint is directly copied from Azure.

adtional info:
Octopus Deploy version: 3.16.2

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Can you confirm if you’ve previously deployed to this SF cluster using Octopus before? Has this only just started failing, or is this your first deployment to SF using Octopus?

The message seems to suggest there’s a problem addressing your ApplicationManifest.xml file (or some reference within that file). Could you confirm if your SF package is structured correctly for use with Octopus (specifically your ApplicationManifest.xml file, as per the example in this documentation.

For SF packages to work in Octopus, they need to be structured a certain way (because when deploying straight from Visual Studio, the profile and parameters files are referenced from the source code, but when deploying through Octopus, they must be included in the NuGet/Zip package so they are available at deployment time).

We have a useful guide here that you can read through to make sure your package includes all the files/folders needed for SF deployments with Octopus. We highly recommend the Custom build targets section, but the documentation lists several methods that you can compare and contrast for your specific needs.

Once you have packaged your application, you can compare it to the “Final Package Structure” section of the above documentation before trying to deploy your package with Octopus. It should then contain all the files it needs for the deployment without you needing to hardcode paths to certain files etc.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you go.