Problem with auto release creation when project deploys multiple nuget package


I have below scenario and I am not able to get expected outout from Octopus.

  • There is a octopus project which deploys multiple nuget package (i.e. two separate web sites, due to their coupling, I want it to be part of one deployment)
  • It has multiple channels alongwith version rules set for different teams. (These channels are working as expected, no issues in them)
  • One particular team, who also happens to use one of the channel, has a need to deploy code to DEV as soon as it is checked in.
  • In order to do this, I used auto relesase creation from trigerrs page. I selected correct channel name and auto release creation step from dropdown. (Out of two nuget package depoy steps, I tried selecting both of them alternatively to get expected output, however I did not get what I was expecting)

Here is what was happening

  • My channel always accepts particular version number, lets say anything between 0.1 and 0.2
  • When a developer checks in code, two packages as per above version rule is added to octopus nuget package library. (point to note here is one single solution has these two separate CsProj, which then create two separate nuget package)
  • I am expecting auto release to happen with these new nuget package, it does happen, however with incorrect version.
  • Out of two nuget deploy steps, whichever is selected in auto release deploy step gets correct version (between 0.1 and 0.2), however other gets the max version number present in nuget repository.

Am I doing some misconfiguration here? or have I discovered defect?

Could you please help me with this?


Hi Nachiket,

Thanks for getting in touch! We are going to need to grab a little bit more information to get to the bottom of this one. Would you please be able to tell us the names of the you are trying use?

If you could attach screen shots of the following pages, we can better troubleshoot this problem and hopefully find a solution:

-Project process page
-Trigger page
-The release page for the release you created manually
-The same page for the release created by the Automatic Release Creation.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.

Best regards,