Problem with add variables to deployment process

Hi! I find a problem, it seems to be an UI bug.

If i add variable to deployment script or to template through interface (pic1) and save it, it has not saved. After saving i open page with deployment again and there is no my variable.

But if i type it manually - all changes are saved without problems.


Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m not quite sure what steps you took here.
When you say you added a variable to a deployment script or template, do you mean you selected something from the dropdown, saved, and it wasn’t there when you re-opened?

Are you able to give some more information and screenshots showing what steps you took?
Can you also tell me what version of Octopus you’re using?


Sorry for my bad english.

Yes, you`re right. i mean that if i select variable from dropdown and save it - changes are not saved.

And if i write variable manually - changes saved without problems

Hi Terotgut,

Can you tell me what version of Octopus Deploy you’re using?


Hi Terotgut,

Thanks for that information. I’ve been able to reproduce the issue and I’ve created a GitHub Issue so you can track our progress fixing it.

The problem is that the contents of the script input don’t get saved unless you type something in afterwards (even if it’s just a space).

As a workaround, after choosing a variable from the dropdown, just type another character and delete it before saving the step.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you!