Problem updating tentacles?

I just updated to 3.2.18 but when I try to update tentacles I get:
Waiting for Tentacle to shut down and restart with the new version 3.2.18…
Running Tentacle version 3.2.11
Running Tentacle version 3.2.19-ci0001

Is that correct? It just sticks there and doesn’t proceed.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch! Cancel the upgrade task if you are getting the 3.2.19-ci0001 message on all of them. Then run a health check, they will report healthy again and not ask to upgrade.
The version got mixed up and its expecting a direct match. It should have zero effect on the deployment processes however.

Sorry for the troubles.

Same problem here, it’s not upgrading the tentacles / calamaris. I hope that it does not create any conflicts with older versions (

Hi Andrea,

As long as you did not attempt to upgrade a 3.0.x Tentacle they won’t have an issue.
But cancel the upgrade task as the first step when you see this.
It is only because the version number is wrong that it is not recognizing the upgrade.


Hi Ryan and Andrea,

We pulled the .18 build just to stop this from happening to others. We found it was a conflict in our build process that pulled a dual binary into the OD server install but the ONLY difference was the build number and no actual changes between the versions.

So there are no differences between 3.2.19 and 3.2.18 Server apart from the Tentacle installer we include and the only difference is the version number of that installer, no differences in functions or code. You will not have any further troubles upgrading either Server or Tentacles. You may choose to go right to 3.2.19 just to clean up the numbers and this is also okay.

We are really sorry this occurred and for the troubles it has caused you.


Thank you Vanessa you’ve been most helpful!