Problem targeting tags as highlights all tags/clients

Hi there,

We are running self hosted version and on the latest version, 2019.10.4. We are experiencing an issue when selecting a release and targeting it at a specific tag.

When going into the project, selecting the release and they targeting the tages. The problem is that it starts to target the release at all of our tenants (80+) in the preview and customise section. The app is still loading and at the same time the server is running at 100% CPU. If we leave the browser window as it is, after a few minutes the server finishes doing what it’s doing and the number of deployments changes to the correct amount (between 4 and 5 depending on the tag) and lists the correct clients.

It’s a little scary as we need the system to push out releases to the right tenants. We have teams waiting to get the releases out and are complaining that it’s going to push the release to all clients instead of a select few.

Any ideas on how to proceed with it?