Problem deploying dev to test


I am facing problem while deploying the dev environment application to UAT environment. system prompting this following message

There was a problem with your request.
The deployment process has no steps to run when deploying this release via the ‘test’ channel to the ‘UAT’ environment.
Once you have corrected these problems you can try again.
If the problem is related to a variable you will need to update the variables for this release or recreate the release for the changes to take effect.
If the problem is related to the deployment process you will need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.

Please help me to resolve this

Hi Vinod,

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems that you do not have steps scoped to UAT when you deploy to your test channel. Octopus cannot start a deployment without steps to execute.

If you don’t think you should be getting this message, send us a screenshot of your deployment process where we can see all the steps, an also a screenshot of the lifecycle that’s being used in the test channel where we can see the names of all the environments in it.