Problem: Active Directory and Version 3.1.0

I Upgraded to version 3.1. because we will move to Azure pretty soon. I changed the Log On account of the Octopus Deploy service to a domain account to access a NAS where the package library is located.
This works fine but I’m not able to connect with Active Directory authentication anymore.

Do you have some advice? Thanks a lot!

Hi Niko,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Just to clarify, do you mean after changing the Octopus service account that you can’t log in to Octopus using your AD account any more?

If that’s the case, it’s likely that the new service account doesn’t have appropriate permissions to access Active Directory. Are you able to check the permissions?

If that doesn’t help, the Server logs may give some hints as to what’s going wrong. If you can send those over we can have a look a bit further.

Hope that helps!


Hi Damo,

Thanks for your reply!

I tested some more. I can logon with my domain account credentials so access to the AD is not the problem.
I configured Integrated authentication and that seems not to work. But since you can log in manually that’s not a big issue.


Hi Niko,

Interesting… We did do some changes around AD authentication to allow some other options. There is some new documentation on that that might help.

I’m glad you can log in!