Prior releases to environments

We have typical environments (dev, test, production). We have one project that has had over 100 CI builds (and octopus deployments to dev) since it was last promoted to production. If we wanted to revert the production environment back to a previous release how do we easily see what these are? I’m guessing the ‘retention policy’ is per environment so maybe there could be a filter on the Releases page is see them by environment? (we are on octopus 2.1. is this already a feature in a subsequent release?)


Thanks for getting in touch! There have been advances in this area since 2.1 such as tasks page is now filterable by environment/project etc and we also have prior releases on the release screens for each environment showing the last successful release. Retention policies are currently not by Environment but will be when Lifecycles is completed as part of 2.6.
With retention policies as long as you were happy to apply it to production also, you can set it to keep X many releases, which means that on Dev it would clean up and leave say the latest 10 releases, and production which gets much less, would also keep the latest 10.

Were there any breaking changes between 2.1 and 2.5 that have stopped you from upgrading?

Hope that helps!

Thanks Vanessa.
Yes, my question was more to do with being able to view previous releases for a given environment rather than retention policies.
It sounds as though Lifecycles in 2.6 should achieve what we’re after. I’ll do some further on this new feature.
The only ‘breaking change’ for us is the time to upgrade haha. We’re looking at going straight to 2.6 when that’s released.


Here’s our current RFC Blog post regarding Lifecycles: