Previous Deploy Location

I know i can access deploy locations in earlier steps within a deployment, however would it be possible to automate the location of a previous deployment altogether?
Thank You

Hi Phil,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m afraid I’m not getting what you mean by automate the location of a previous deployment. Any chance you can give me a quick example?


Deployment X deploys to C:/Octopus/xyx2.10.12/blah/blah

Deployment Y deploys to C:/Octopus/xyx2.12.13/blah/blah

  • this deployment would like to know the last successful deployment was at C:/Octopus/xyx2.10.12/blah/blah


Hi Phil,

I’m afraid there’s not a really straight way to get that path. How are you currently building the deployment path? or are you letting Octopus build it for you? there might be a way to build that path using a few variables during the deployment.


That’s fine.
i will do it a different way
Thank you