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  1. I post this question again, as I’m looking for help in my case.

  2. There’s a behavior I’m noticing when I skip steps for deployments. If I skip steps in an environment, and then promote to the next environment, it doesn’t preserve the step skipping. Here’s a scenario where this breaks a deployment pipeline.

  3. In my scenario there are more than 70 micro services which some time only 20 of them will be deploy to the pre - > prod. Each time I need to exclude all besides the relevant 20 projects, and here some times human can do mistakes. :slight_smile:

  4. We’ve tried to use manual intervention step, but it’s overhead.

  5. Is there another way (via script or other variable modification) to prevent this from happening in Octopus? Ideally, I would expect that when you manually skip the steps in the first environment (TEST/PRE), that Octopus would preserve those skips for all promotions up the ranks. How do enforce my deployment pipeline here?


… Just forgot to mention that i am using deploy a release step which contains all 70 micro services.

Hi Ofer,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately there’s no built-in way to preserve which steps are skipped in one environment on a promotion to the next. I see the concern for the possibility of human error, especially with so many steps needing to be skipped (and the tediousness of having to select them all).

There’s an existing UserVoice suggestion to save which steps are skipped when promoting, and I’d recommend throwing some votes/comments to it. :slight_smile:

You could perhaps ease the process here by using Octo.exe to deploy/promote and setting the --skip=VALUE option with the same values (steps) for each environment, but that also doesn’t seem like a great option.

Additionally, you could perhaps consider splitting this up into multiple projects, and trigger the deployments of each as required.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Let me know what you think, or if you have any further questions or concerns moving forward.

Best regards,


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