Pre-approval for Scheduled Deployment

I know there’s a uservoice for this ( and the related ), but I had a couple follow-up questions:

  1. I know there’s no github issue for this yet, but is there any idea if this will fall on the roadmap soon? We’re looking at developing a custom solution around this, but don’t want to put the work in if it will have native support within the next 6 months.

  2. Does anyone in the community have any convenient workarounds? We can’t use the “Approval Environment” step (where approval would only happen on a fake environment, that way the approval only happens once) as we need to have the check in place that the deployment for that specific time is approved. We are looking into making an in-house tool where you can select a list of all scheduled Production deployments that will need approval, pre-approve it, and it will use the API to approve the release at deployment time. It’s a hacky workaround, but it would let us approve specific deployments at specific times without a blanket approval.

If anyone is interested, I can do a mockup of what we’re looking to do for pre-approvals.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve asked around internally and to answer 1) it has not reached our roadmap and is not under consideration. That being said I cannot state explicitly that it will not be worked on within the next 6 months. We are changing our working a bit and the team that will pick up this area of the product might consider it a task they would like to see completed. That said it has not reached a threshold for me to be sure this could be the case. Mostly I believe it won’t be started in that time, but I cannot be sure. I do suggest that if you haven’t already you make your case or comments in the suggestion itself, so when a team does look at it they will have a compelling story. I personally have seen this need from a number of customers (probably why its broken 100+ UV votes).

As for your second question I am not aware of any customers building their own solution to this. But hopefully someone in the community might come across this question and give some feedback about their solutions.

Thanks :slight_smile: