Powershell Script Library

I am currently evaluating Octopus Deploy. I like what I see so far and can see the potential. One of the most powerful features I think is the ability to create Powershell scripts with environment specific variables that can then be run through the agents on deployment servers. What I am wondering though is whether it is possible to define a set of powershell cmdlets or include files that could be pushed to each tentacle during the deployment process so that these functions would not need to be included in every project? For example I have a powershell method that ensures that a set of directories are already created on a server before the nuget packages are deployed but this is a standard method that I would like to keep in a library rather than placing in each project powershell script step

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for checking out Octopus!

It is possible to package up your shared scripts and deploy them to the target machines as a separate project; you need in this case to put the scripts in a well-known location that they can be used from.

We’re heading further into first-class “library” support this release (e.g. https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/571) and will definitely keep pushing in this direction, but there’s no firm schedule for when all of the pieces will land.