Powershell interactive mode

Hello team

i am using powershell script for one of the deployment… My powershell script is interactive, it asks for a value to be passed for the deployment, when it is executed… But through octopus, when i run the powershell script, it shows an error - Powershell is in non-interactive mode, Read and prompt functionality is not available

I downloaded the latest octopus version for windows.


Thanks for getting in touch!

At this stage it isn’t possible to modify Octopus so that it runs Powershell in interactive mode, however I do have a solution for you.

The solution that we have for this scenario would be to modify your script so that it takes advantage of a feature of Octopus called prompted variables. If you require more information on variables and there use within Octopus we have some excellent documentation which can be found here.

Please let me know if this doesn’t suit or if you have any other questions that you need assistance with,