Populate Variables in OctoPus Deploy from Team City

Is there a way to pass a variable from TeamCity into a varable within Octopus Deploy, I want to be able to pass in the svn root and the svn revision into 2 variables inside of Octopus Deploy

What’s the best way to go about this is it if possible?

Hi Gregor,

First, thanks for all the kind tweets and blog posts about Octopus.

At the moment there’s no easy way to pass variables in to a release, though you can use prompted variables. When deploying a release (so at deployment time, not release creation time) you can pass values for prompted variables:

However, if this data is needed purely for informational purposes, it might make more sense to put them in as release notes. You can do that by passing --releaseNotes or --releaseNotesFile when creating releases.

(Since you are using TeamCity, I should point out that the TC plugin is just a wrapper over Octo.exe - any additional arguments can be passed in at the bottom of the TeamCity build runner configurations)

Hope this helps!


Hi Paul

Your very welcome, really enjoying using OD as its very well written and easy to use.

We use Gemini for our issue tracker and we are wanting to call a .exe which grabs the info from Gemini and fills the release notes with the descriptions of the issues fixed in this release - im trying to pass stuff like the projecturl (from svn) into OD, it would be great if we could some how do this in future release but I guess that may be very difficult, maybe even have a parameter which is generic but can take in comma separated list of values and then we can access them from within OD - dunno if that’s practical.

We have a few scripts we will add to the library repository as soon as I get a few hour - backing up ravendb etc.

Hi Gregor,

Are you after these values for use or just information purposes? Could you compose them into a file, then add them as release notes? The Octopus UI would show the release notes, and they are then available for things such as email steps.


Hi Vanessa

I recon Ill just get them composed into a file from teamcity and add them as release notes as you suggest.