Polling to listening

We have a version 3.xx of Octopus and as part of the migration we are looking into update the tentacles to be listening instead of polling.

The 3.xx version doesn’t allow this, but do later version allow this change? I see a post from 2017 saying it isn’t, but just checking the status has changed in the last 2+ years.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, the answer here is that the status has not changed.
Once a Tentacle instance is set up, the communication mode (listening or polling) cannot be changed.

The alternative is to create a new instance as a listening tentacle. I’ve provided a link to a StackOverflow question answered by my Teammate that may help you here. Admittedly the example is using a new feature called Runbooks that is only available in the latest versions of Octopus Server. However, it should still provide you with some inspiration on how to approach this challenge.

I hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.